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Obama Approval Gap Finally Starting to Diverge Again; Could Be from Gas & Diesel Prices — A.D. 2015/06/26

As of today, it appears the Obama Gallup Approval Rating gap between “disapprove” and “approve” is finally starting once again to trend apart.

Source :  [Retrieved AD2015/06/26]

Source : [Retrieved AD2015/06/26]


This is the first time since December that there has been significant and sustained divergence between Disapprove and Approve.

I suspect that that both the sustained convergence from late last year to now, and the new divergence, are being driven mostly by gasoline and diesel prices. Perhaps with a bit of prodding, people will begin to understand that these prices are just the tip of the iceberg of Obama’s energy culpability, since he is trying to drive all energy prices even higher through his aggressive CO2 policies, under the banner of “global change” and supported by the triple HOAXES of CO2 “physics”, conservation of energy, and biogenic petroleum.

It should be noted that Obama is getting a lot of help from congressional Republicans who campaigned against his CO2 policy, and are now prepared to let him and the other Democrats do just about whatever they want to with CO2 emissions and energy prices. As far as I’m aware, there has been NO defunding of a single climate or energy policy of his since January, when the new Congress convened.

Without a change in the political assessment of the congressional majority, there’s no reason to expect a change in their climate or energy policies between now and Paris.

The House can bluster about disapproving Obama’s Paris commitments, but unless it’s backed up by action to defund things (which this House has already demonstrated it doesn’t want to do), its bluster is mere posturing to fool conservative constituents. And most of them know exactly what they’re doing.

Any communication with them about these issues should be from the standpoint that we know why they’re doing what they’re doing … and rather than trying to convince them of science that they’ve already made up their mind about without regard to the data fraud … we are putting them on notice that they are to vote our wishes rather than their own beliefs about this, or else we will vigorously oppose their continuation in office.



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