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Offering Christian and Christ-centered commentary about climate- and energy-related issues.

Deduction and Experiment Are the Products of Science , but Christ Is Its Foundation

If science can be likened to structural engineering, then experiment comprises the walls that it builds; deduction is the roof.

But Christ is the foundation upon which all the other parts are placed.

And Christ stands, inter alia, for righteousness and credibility.

Whenever a researcher[1] reports results (I won’t say scientist, because there are many false scientists who do research), we who are not involved in the research are dependent upon that person to characterize those results accurately. In many cases, we are unable to repeat the work, so we cannot independently verify the results.

This means that the researcher’s credibility underlies all other tests that we may apply to determine the truth or falsity of his conclusions.

It also means that we are always trying to assess credibility, whether we will admit it or not … whether we are aware of it or not. This activity takes up a significant amount of the time spent on what we think of as “science”, and also in other professions.

Assessing credibility is, to say the least, an inexact science.

But, since we have to do it, we muddle through as best we can.

After all, if the foundation of a structure starts to go, what do we expect to happen to everything that’s sitting on top of it?



[1] Research can include experiment and also uncovering records of past work that is relevant.


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