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A Consistent Message — A.D. 2015/05/27

As a Christian who has studied the Bible most of my life , and has received much insight about its meaning through prayer , contemplation , and good-faith effort to understand , I know that the Bible in its original manuscripts is completely self-consistent or internally consistent . I also know that it is completely , 100% true . I do not subscribe to the doctrine that every single passage has a literal truth to it ; some are only metaphorical or figurative . But most passages are both — they have both a literal and a figurative meaning , and both are 100% true and 0% false .

The Lord calls on all of us to be the same way with our own lives , including in all of our actions and in all our statements . Those who’ve been delivered to Christ through the permanent rebirth that is occasioned by their 100% belief with no doubt remaining in their mind or heart (because they have tested the truth of the Word and have found it to be true and good) , have an innate understanding of this above-mentioned expectation of us , since such an understanding is a prerequisite for the deliverance .

One of the main goals of this blog , ab initio has always been to try to spur readers to the next level , i.e. from extensive online talk and analysis and , in many cases , outrage , to constructive and meaningful action in response to the new understanding we’ve developed about the climate and/or energy hoaxes . This is something that has always been sorely lacking in all that I’ve read about the subject at other blogs . (It hasn’t always been absent , but it’s always been lacking  or , to put it another way , falling short of the mark .)

This lack is an inconsistency in our messaging . Consistency demands that if we come into a situation with high expectations of those we are critiquing , that we be prepared to follow through with some kind of action if those expectations are not met . For if we were never prepared to do that , what was the point of analyzing and critiquing in the first place ? Surely it wasn’t in the hope of convincing the hoaxers to voluntarily give up their jobs and their ill-gotten gains . Nor was it in the hope that conservative (or conservative-leaning) elected officials will voluntarily take it upon themselves to make these things happen on their own .

No , for the sake of consistency , it could never have been that !

For the sake of consistency , it had to have been no less than this : the formation of one or more organizations (could be PACs , but don’t necessarily have to be) dedicated to the objective of taking actions with the intention of causing those officials to do those things which they would never have voluntarily decided to do absent substantial pressure on them .


2 responses to “A Consistent Message — A.D. 2015/05/27

  1. Reality check 2015/05/27 09:01 at 09:01

    I thought that was the goal of the Tea Party—to hold conservatives to what conservatives should be doing, instead of publically opposing things like Obamacare and illegal amnesty and then funding them (both actions my senators are guilty of—one is always out there claiming to want to repeal Obamacare and then writing a check to fund it, and yes, I have written him about this). We could always use another group, but as you noted, it’s ideals will have to be consistent. The Tea Party is rather loosely organized and not always consistent. With so many running on the Republican ticket, it might be a good time to start.

    • Richard T. Fowler 2015/05/27 12:55 at 12:55

      Thanks , Reality Check , you’re absolutely right on all points ! As far as the TEA Party , I think of them as a general movement for strengthening of conservative principles , principally fiscal or economic ones . So there is some overlap there , but I think that climate and energy are key issues that even they are letting {{fall}} by the wayside .

      That they’ve been loosely organized is a big part of the problem , especially as time passes , because the opposition will find the loose spots in the structure and shake them as hard as possible to try to bring the whole thing down .

      We need an organization just for climate and energy realism , and this is the time to start , in part because we’ve been moderately successful in opening people’s eyes to the fraud , and we don’t want to squander that degree of credibility that we’ve built .

      I will try to report on any developments I can uncover along these lines . It’s not always easy for me , but I’ll do what I can .


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