Richard T. Fowler

Offering Christian and Christ-centered commentary about climate- and energy-related issues.

HSR : High-Speed Ruin

California has begun to construct their massive high-speed rail (HSR) system using federal grants as part of their funding mix .

Their #1 stated goal in constructing and operating this massive system is to ‘mitigate climate change’ .

That being the case , and considering how much their profligate “solution” will affect the rest of us , they should be required to meet a new condition in order to get more federal funding for the “solution” .

The condition is that the Californians should be required to power their HSR system using only wind and solar , and the wind and solar power used must have been produced without any federal subsidies .

If they are held to this standard , they will not be able to run their trains , and they may eventually be forced to admit their error of judgement in claiming to have had a working solution to the problem of energy sustainability — and also to the fake “problem” of CO2 emissions .



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