Richard T. Fowler

Offering Christian and Christ-centered commentary about climate- and energy-related issues.

“I judge no man”

John 8:12-20 —

“Then spoke Iesous again toward them , saying , I am the light of the world : he who follows me shall not walk in darkness , but shall have the light of life . The Pharisees therefore said toward him , You bear record of yourself ; your record is not true . Iesous answered and said toward them , Though I bear record of myself , my record is true : for I know whence I came , and whither I go ; but you cannot tell whence I come , and whither I go . You judge after flesh ; I judge no man . And yet if I judge , my judgement is true : for I am not alone , but I and The Father who sent me . It is also written in your law , that the testimony of two men is true . I am one who bears witness of myself , and The Father who sent me bears witness of me . Then they said toward him , Where is your Father ? ”

You see, they’re trying to trap Him . Always always , this is what’s foremost on their mind . Not to uncover the truth , but to keep it hidden by any means necessary .

“Iesous answered , You neither know me , nor my Father : if you had known me , you should have known my Father also . These words spoke Iesous in the treasury , as he taught in the temple : and no man laid hands on him ; for his hour was not yet come .”

The hour of His glory is the new hope to which we look , and to which all must look , for there is no other . — RTF


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