Richard T. Fowler

Offering Christian and Christ-centered commentary about climate- and energy-related issues.

To Forgive a Sin that Has Not Been Atoned For Does Not Mean We Can’t Talk About It

Forgiveness ≠ Forgetting

– When God forgives , all is forgotten .

– When we forgive , but God has not yet done so , we can (and sometimes should) still remember … but not for the purpose of retaliation . For where there would be retaliation , there has been no forgiveness . We can remember for the purpose of taking a protective action , but primarily for the purpose of testimony , i.e. bearing witness to all the Earth of the truth of the Gospel and of its applicability to all . II Corinthians 5:11 — “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord , we persuade men”

Atonement = Forgetting

– Atonement enables God to forgive . The rest of us must forgive all sins automatically and immediately . But our forgiveness does not impart atonement . For atonement to happen , the sinner must take some decisions and some actions .

– Atonement cannot be achieved by restitution or by submitting to the judgement of an earthly court . Atonement can only be achieved through authentic repentance before God , acceptance of the Lord’s free gift of Himself in payment for the sin , and by submitting to His sole authority as expressed in The New Covenant . (The last condition is what it means to make Him our Lord .)

The New Covenant says , inter alia that we must not wilfully or intentionally break any of the laws that are applicable to us . See Hebrews 8:1 – 10:39 , noting especially 10:26-27 , and Hebrews 6:4-6 .

There was an Old Covenant , which was and is imperfect , and there is a New Covenant , which is perfect . What there is not is the supposed state of deliverance to Christ without any covenant in place . The purpose of the blood is that it is the seal of our covenant with God . To accept the blood without accepting the covenant is to make the bloodshed to be of no purpose , which would be more obscene than refusing to accept it in the first place .


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