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Paul on Judgement

“But he who is spiritual judges all things”

I Corinthians 2:15

“Let the prophets speak two or three , and let the other judge”

I Corinthians 14:29

“For the love of Christ constrains us ; because we thus judge , that if one die for all , then were all dead : and that he died for all , that they who live should not henceforth live for themselves , but for him who died for them , and rose again .”

II Corinthians 5:14-15

“I judge no man”

John 8:12-20 —

“Then spoke Iesous again toward them , saying , I am the light of the world : he who follows me shall not walk in darkness , but shall have the light of life . The Pharisees therefore said toward him , You bear record of yourself ; your record is not true . Iesous answered and said toward them , Though I bear record of myself , my record is true : for I know whence I came , and whither I go ; but you cannot tell whence I come , and whither I go . You judge after flesh ; I judge no man . And yet if I judge , my judgement is true : for I am not alone , but I and The Father who sent me . It is also written in your law , that the testimony of two men is true . I am one who bears witness of myself , and The Father who sent me bears witness of me . Then they said toward him , Where is your Father ? ”

You see, they’re trying to trap Him . Always always , this is what’s foremost on their mind . Not to uncover the truth , but to keep it hidden by any means necessary .

“Iesous answered , You neither know me , nor my Father : if you had known me , you should have known my Father also . These words spoke Iesous in the treasury , as he taught in the temple : and no man laid hands on him ; for his hour was not yet come .”

The hour of His glory is the new hope to which we look , and to which all must look , for there is no other . — RTF

Libertarianism , Such as It Is , Is Anti-Christ

Libertarianism teaches , inter alia , that men are inherently at liberty to act at variance with certain behavioral limits that arise from The New Covenant in Christ.

This is true provided that , with respect to those particular limits , it is true for the lost world only , and not for the saved Church . [1]

Therefore , if the Church is to be enfranchised (permitted to vote on candidates or political questions) , it is under an obligation to cast votes consistent with the Covenant that it has already concluded with God . Since this relationship (between God and His followers) was acknowledged by the founders of the country , it is beyond question whether the Church has a moral (and a legal!) right to do this . They not only have the right , they are obligated to . Morally , they couldn’t do otherwise , even if they wanted to .

In other words , libertarianism per se is anti-Christ , because :

– 1) its teaching , per se , implies that all humanity , including
– the Church , should acknowledge (and should be expected to acknowledge)
– one , and only one , single set of moral values ,

– 2) while admitting (sometimes only after pressure is applied) that the
– particular set of values they would have us acknowledge are contrary to
– the Word of God .

The Bible warns us about this kind of Satanic teaching trying to take over our Lord’s Church , e.g. in II Corinthians 6 :

“Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers : for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness ? and what communion has light with darkness ? And what accord has Christ with Be’li-al ? or what part has he who believes with an infidel ? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols ? for you are the temple of the living God ; as God has said , I WILL DWELL IN THEM , AND WALK IN THEM ; AND I WILL BE THEIR GOD , AND THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE . WHEREFORE COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM , AND BE YOU SEPARATE , says the Lord , AND TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING ; AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU , AND WILL BE A FATHER TOWARD YOU , AND YOU SHALL BE MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS , says the Lord Almighty .”

In this context , to ‘be unequally yoked together with unbelievers’ refers not to voting with them on the same offices or policies (which is affirmatively approved by The New Testament) but merely the prospect of casting votes that would be consistent with the world’s values and at odds with those given to us by God in His Word .



1 Moreover , with respect to the world (that part of humanity outside the Church) , the statement is true only insofar as God continues to allow it . Technically , it is still at variance with God’s law and the “liberty” referred to is only a de facto liberty and not de jure . This illustrates one of the principle causes of difficulty between libertarians and non-libertarians : the libertarians’ concept of “natural law” which implies that law , or at least some law , can arise naturally , whereas in reality it is entirely artificial and originates only with God . Thus we can see the extreme error in Jefferson’s wording “the laws of nature and nature’s God” which actually seems to suggest that “nature” is somehow at liberty to create laws that God Himself would not have otherwise done … or even worse , that possibly Jefferson saw God as being in some way subordinate to nature . In any event it is obvious from that wording that Jefferson was bending over backwards to avoid saying or implying that all law originates with God , because that could be construed to mean that the written laws within the Bible might have some actual authority over the law-writing power of men … and they certainly couldn’t have that now , could they ??

The Drug Addict Is Not the Enemy , but the Drugs Are

But if an addict who believes in God and accepts some kind of authority of God over him is having difficulty breaking his addiction , or doesn’t want to , it is important to tell him that God does not want him on the drugs . And it may also be appropriate to tell him , with great love and all due gentleness , that drugs are often resorted to as a substitute for God’s grace and love , if a person is not feeling those things from God . That alone is probably insufficient for most believing addicts , but for many of them it may be a good initial step .

Some Examples of False Evangelism

Only a false evangelist would teach that salvation through Christ is available to all , without ever mentioning the need for repentance .

That is not the Gospel that is found in Scripture .

Moreover , only a false evangelist would say that the truth about the need for repentance can wait until after a person accepts Jesus as their Savior .

And only a false evangelist would say that the truth about the need for repentance should only be spoken within the church’s walls , and never allowed out from there .

All of these doctrines are Satan’s . For he is the father of all lies . John 8:44 .

To Make an Enemy of a Person Means You Have Done Them Wrong , And They Feel Wronged

If , on the other hand , a person feels wronged by you and gets angry , but you have not actually done anything wrong , then by definition, you have not made them an enemy … rather they have made you an enemy . At that point , they are your enemy , but only by their doing , not by yours . And by extension , only they can end that state , because (by definition) they are the only ones acting (or not acting) with enmity .

Recreational Drugs Are Evil

We are commanded in the New Testament to use our body only in the service of God . If we , then , instead use up our body , in service not to God but to our own selfish desire , this is nothing less than the Devil’s work .

Once we know this , we are under an affirmative obligation to share it with the world . Refusal to do so is tantamount to taking the drugs ourselves .

What Is It If …

If a person refuses to tell his neighbor the truth about something that he is under a legal obligation to disclose , and the neighbor is harmed as a result , what is this called ?

The answer is :

It is called bearing false witness against his neighbor .

Authentic Christians Support the Principle of Causality

Authentic Christians attempt to systematically describe for the world the sins for which they are liable , in the hope that they will feel convicted in their heart , which feeling is an acknowledgement of truth . Then , they offer them the only means for a complete atonement .

So they offer knowledge of a pre-existing guilt , and then the way to achieve atonement for that guilt . This is rational .

Many false Christians , however , present only the atonement and just hope that the awareness of guilt will somehow percolate in on its own . So essentially their presentation is of atonement without an explicitly stated need for any atonement .

Just like a totalitarian state often imposes punishment without crime , these false Christians are claiming that God offers atonement for a seemingly guiltless life .

They are giving the world the impression that true justice entails atonement without crime . This violates causality and therefore , like quantum mechanics , is highly irrational .

To Forgive a Sin that Has Not Been Atoned For Does Not Mean We Can’t Talk About It

Forgiveness ≠ Forgetting

– When God forgives , all is forgotten .

– When we forgive , but God has not yet done so , we can (and sometimes should) still remember … but not for the purpose of retaliation . For where there would be retaliation , there has been no forgiveness . We can remember for the purpose of taking a protective action , but primarily for the purpose of testimony , i.e. bearing witness to all the Earth of the truth of the Gospel and of its applicability to all . II Corinthians 5:11 — “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord , we persuade men”

Atonement = Forgetting

– Atonement enables God to forgive . The rest of us must forgive all sins automatically and immediately . But our forgiveness does not impart atonement . For atonement to happen , the sinner must take some decisions and some actions .

– Atonement cannot be achieved by restitution or by submitting to the judgement of an earthly court . Atonement can only be achieved through authentic repentance before God , acceptance of the Lord’s free gift of Himself in payment for the sin , and by submitting to His sole authority as expressed in The New Covenant . (The last condition is what it means to make Him our Lord .)

The New Covenant says , inter alia that we must not wilfully or intentionally break any of the laws that are applicable to us . See Hebrews 8:1 – 10:39 , noting especially 10:26-27 , and Hebrews 6:4-6 .

There was an Old Covenant , which was and is imperfect , and there is a New Covenant , which is perfect . What there is not is the supposed state of deliverance to Christ without any covenant in place . The purpose of the blood is that it is the seal of our covenant with God . To accept the blood without accepting the covenant is to make the bloodshed to be of no purpose , which would be more obscene than refusing to accept it in the first place .

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