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Has The Coup Already Happened?

Real Science

President Obama has demonstrated that he can do anything he wants, violate the US Constitution at will, and the Republican Congress will not stop him. He has the full support of the press for any and all illegal actions. Hillary was taken out last week. No other Democrats seem to be viable candidates.

Through his climate change scam, he is creating an army of brown shirts who are 100% convinced that Republicans will destroy the planet.

Suppose Obama simply remained in the White House in January, 2017? He makes a speech that the world depends on his remaining there. McConnell and Boehner are much too weak to do anything about it. The New York Times would write an editorial, saying that this is awful – but we have no choice.

Who would stop him? Hillary was the only person standing in his way, and the Republican leadership is too weak to stop anything Obama does…

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4 responses to “Has The Coup Already Happened?

  1. omanuel 2015/03/18 17:46 at 17:46


    The coup occurred during a news blackout of the events that allowed Stalin to emerge victorious at the end of WWII.

    I will document that below.

  2. omanuel 2015/03/18 18:13 at 18:13

    01. Message to Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee, 17 July 2013

    02. Synopsis:

    03. WHY ? :

    04. Aston’s WARNING (12 December 1922); CHAOS and FEAR (August 1945)

    04a In researching their book, “The Flight of the Hog Wild,” Bill Streifer and Irek Sabitov recently discovered an intriguing response from the official Communist newspaper of the Soviet Union – Izvestia – published on 13 Oct 1946, ten days after David Snell exposed Stalin’s capture of Japan’s atomic bomb project in the Atlanta Constitution on 3 Oct 1946

    05. How Humanity Lost WWII

    06. The Torturous Sixty-Four Year Path from WWII to Climategate

    • Richard T. Fowler 2015/04/20 15:17 at 15:17

      I’ve been meaning to post a translation of that Izvestiya story that I started back in November, but I had misplaced my work.

      I finally found it today and here is my translation, interlineated with the original. If anyone can suggest any improvements, please do. Russian is, perhaps regrettably, not a language I speak, so I don’t claim that this translation is authoritative.



      В провинциальном американском городе Атланта, щтат джорджиа,
      –In the provincial American city of Atlanta, State of Georgia,
      разорвалась вонючая газетная петарда.
      –exploded a stinking newspaper squib.
      Зто конфузное местное происществие внезапно приобрело вид “цепной реакции”.
      –This embarrassing incident suddenly acquired a local form of “chain reaction”.

      Подложил петарду некий Дзвид Снзлл.
      –David Snell planted a firecracker.
      Он сочинил сногсщибательную
      –He composed a stunning
      детективно-провокационную историю.
      –detective-provocative story.
      Газета “Атланта Конститюшн” напечатала ее.
      –The newspaper “Atlanta Constitution” published it.
      Агентство Ассошиэйтед пресс распространило.
      –The Agency Associated press spread it.
      Армейский орган “Старс знд Страйпс” прокомментировал.
      –Army authority “Stars and Stripes” commented.
      Американская разведка опровергла.
      –American intelligence has denied it.
      Японские ученые открестились.
      –Japanese scientists disown it.
      Агентство Рейтер начало все сначала и передало дальше.
      –Reuters started it all over again and passed it on.
      Звено за звеном, по законам цепной реакции,
      –Link by link, under the laws of a chain reaction,
      росла пугающая сенсация…
      –grew frightened and passed it on.
      Чем же напугал американцев Дэвид Снэлл?
      –What scared American David Snell?

      Весьма кустарным способом он состряпал рассказ на модную в США тему.
      –Basically, he concocted a story on an idea that’s fashionable in the U.S.A.
      –It turns out:

      “Япония изобрела и за три дня
      –“Japan invented and three days
      до своей капитуляции успешно испытала
      –before its surrender successfully tested
      в Конане (Корея) атомную бомбу.
      –in Konan (Korea) a nuclear bomb.
      Наступление Красной Армии
      –Army offensive Krasnoy
      заставило японцев
      –made the Japanese
      уничтожить находившиеся в пещере завод
      –destroy the plant which is in a cave,
      атомных бомб и секретные бумаги,
      –atomic bombs, and secret papers,
      но ученые не успели убежать.
      –but scientists did not have time to escape.
      Их захватили красные,
      –They were captured by the red,
      и в настоящее время они находятся в Москве в качестве пленных”…
      –and now they are in Moscow as prisoners” …

      Американцам предлагается догадываться, что из этого следует…
      –Americans are invited to guess what follows …

      Бред захолустной газеты
      –Delirious provincial newspapers
      пришелся по рыночному спросу.
      –responded to market demand.
      Другие, уже не провинциального масштаба,
      –Other, not-of-provincial-scale,
      провокаторы подхватили его и принялись таскать по свету.
      –provocateurs began to carry it around the world.
      Военно-политические разведчики и те,
      –Military-political intelligence and such,
      кому выгодно обделывать свои дела в атмосфере страха,
      –who profit by arranging their affairs in an atmosphere of fear,
      пустили на пробу новый устрашающий жупел.
      allowed them to try a new awesome bogey.
      А ведь раньше они пугали мир монополией атомной бомбы,
      –But they frighten the world monopoly of the atomic bomb,
      дубинкой атомной дипломатии!
      –a truncheon of nuclear diplomacy!
      Видно, это “оружие” дало осечку,
      –Evidently it is a misfired “weapon”,
      если теперь без разбору хватаются за
      –if they are now indiscrimately seizing
      “газетные бомбы” захолустного изготовления.
      –the “newspaper bomb” provincial manufacturing.

      Б. ИЛЬИН.
      –B. ILYIN.


  3. Richard T. Fowler 2015/04/20 15:25 at 15:25

    FYI, read the comments at Tony’s post to see my take on his idea.

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