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“GHE” vs. “Tyndall effect”

Our friend Tony Heller puts himself in a tight spot. It ends up being him, Morgan Wright, and someone named dp versus 15 others:

Anything Is Possible
Richard T. Fowler (myself)
Higley 7
M. Kelly
Kevin K.
Neils Zoo
Northern Ont.
Password Protected
Squid 2112
Mark Stoval
Tom O. Mason

Then, Tony posts a follow-up post in which he seems to reverse himself:

(Read the post, the title is not very representative.)


2 responses to ““GHE” vs. “Tyndall effect”

  1. geran 2014/10/29 04:55 at 04:55

    I wanted to respond to your last comment to me over at Goddard’s. But, I got cut off!

    : )

    But, then, I saw this post in which you claimed to be on the side that “denies” the GHE.

    So, I guess I now have two items to respond to.

    Let’s start with what you said at Goddard’s, line-by-line, {my comments in brackets}:

    Richard T. Fowler says:
    October 28, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    “Geran, you’re just being absurd.” {[SNIP. Lying is not permitted here. RTF]}

    “I don’t function the way you think I do. When I make comments about physics, they are generally misunderstood. So I don’t make a whole lot of them. But when I do, the goal is to get folks to understand. {Your comments are “generally misunderstood”, but your goal is “to get folks to understand”. [SNIP. Intentional “stupidity”. RTF]}

    “It’s not about me, it’s not even about you. It’s about the audience. And the audience is predominantly average folks. We’re on a stage right now.” {Rambling and pontificating.}

    “there are human lives on the line with these discussions. People will live or die, based on what exactly we discuss here. You’d do well to think on that.” {[SNIP. Obscene language. RTF]}

    “Now since our host has asked you stop talking about this, if you have an ounce of civility in you, you’ll stop.” {I did, being a most civil individual….}

    Now the second item is that here on your site, you list yourself as being against the GHE, but in the comment thread over at Goddard’s, you put yourself against me, and with Goddard. Apparently being on both sides makes sense to you. Did I mention the word “convoluted”?

    (Oh, I noticed you dropped the “RTF” after every comment, after I mocked you. See, us “old dogs” can learn new tricks.)

    • Richard T. Fowler 2014/10/30 13:48 at 13:48

      You came in peace originally. Now you bring war and “stupidity”, but they will not be tolerated here. I didn’t drop anything {{permanently}}, and I’m not with Goddard on this issue, as you already know or ought to know. Any further comment from you containing obvious lies, any obscenity or other kind of blasphemy will be binned.

      Your comment has been moderated and it is the first one I’ve ever had to moderate.

      FYI I didn’t drop the RTF after every comment. You just think so. I have always used it sporadically. I dropped it for a little while, not because you mocked. I did it so it wouldn’t be a distraction. I use my initials because I believe it is often good for people to sign their posts, and initials are shorter. Sometimes I sign with other variants of my name. I had already picked it up again before seeing your asinine comment on this page.

      Why can’t you just grow up? I didn’t harm you. I just made my points in a calm, non-insulting way, and moved on. If you can’t do the same, you’re not welcome here and you should not post comments.

      One final reminder … rhetorical warfare is not permitted here. Arguing with me or anyone else is permitted if and only if it is pursued in good faith. You have already demonstrated dishonesty, and therefore you are no longer permitted to argue here. I am not confident you will be able to abide by these rules, but I’ve never banned anyone and I don’t really want to. So I’ll refrain for now and see what happens.


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