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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Great Moments In Climate Science

Spectacular Growth Of Arctic Sea Ice During NASA/NOAA ‘s Hottest Year Ever

Wow! That’s got to be at least 10% growth in seven days.

Real Science

Green shows growth in the last seven days

ScreenHunter_3896 Oct. 20 22.39

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Bill Gray Editorial In The Coloradoan

HUGE … Popcorn fans, make sure you are well-stocked. Because now it’s on. Bill Gray has just accused the temperature gatekeepers of “tampering” with the data to produce a signal. It seems they will have to respond to this!

Real Science

Another awesome piece from my hero, Bill Gray, whose funding was cut off in 1993 by Al Gore – over Bill’s refusal to participate is a Gore fear mongering activity.

Despite increasing amounts of CO2 gas in the atmosphere, mean global surface temperatures have not shown any increase over the past 18 years.

In addition:

• • Raw U.S. mean surface temperatures and daily high surface temperature records (without any tampering) have shown a weak decline since the warm 1930s period.

• Winter snow cover has been gradually increasing across the northern hemisphere in recent years.

Read the rest here :   Soapbox: CO2 increase is not nemesis as it’s portrayed

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“GHE” vs. “Tyndall effect”

Our friend Tony Heller puts himself in a tight spot. It ends up being him, Morgan Wright, and someone named dp versus 15 others:

Anything Is Possible
Richard T. Fowler (myself)
Higley 7
M. Kelly
Kevin K.
Neils Zoo
Northern Ont.
Password Protected
Squid 2112
Mark Stoval
Tom O. Mason

Then, Tony posts a follow-up post in which he seems to reverse himself:

(Read the post, the title is not very representative.)

The Definitive Data On The Global Warming/Climate Change Scam

Steven, thanks in no small part to your tireless efforts, I think we are finally starting to detect an ever-so-slight change in the direction of the Titanic.

Is it enough, and is it soon enough?? We’ll stay tuned.

Real Science

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There is only one piece of US climate data which correlates with CO2 –  the amount of data tampering NCDC is applying to US temperature.

ScreenHunter_3233 Oct. 01 22.59

All of the other relevant metrics show either no correlation, or negative correlation vs. CO2.  The whole thing is a 100% scam – from top to bottom.

Hot days show no correlation vs. CO2

ScreenHunter_3341 Oct. 05 06.14

Severe tornadoes have declined as CO2 has increased

ScreenHunter_3337 Oct. 05 05.58

US temperatures show no correlation with CO2

ScreenHunter_3332 Oct. 05 05.19

US hurricane strikes have declined as CO2 has increased

ScreenHunter_3328 Oct. 05 04.41

US heavy rainfall events show no correlation with CO2

ScreenHunter_3315 Oct. 04 14.20

East Coast sea level rise shows no correlation with CO2

ScreenHunter_3311 Oct. 04 11.20

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NCDC Corrects For UHI – By Massively Cooling The Past

Real Science

Another smoking gun that USHCN adjustments are garbage, and inverted from reality.

The weather station at Fort Collins, CO is a classic study in UHI, yet NCDC adjusts Fort Collins temperatures by massively cooling the past – the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

ScreenHunter_3296 Oct. 04 04.14

In 1937, the station was located in the middle of a farm,

By 1950, the area was starting to get built up.

By 1969, the city had surrounded the weather station.

Now it is in the middle of a parking lot.

ScreenHunter_619 Sep. 16 08.24

The Fort Collins trend massively diverges from nearby Boulder, CO. Fort Collins is warming rapidly, while Boulder is cooling. Homogenization should warm the past, not cool it.

ScreenHunter_1501 Jan. 11 06.26

What about TOBS? The Fort Collins temperature has always been read near sunrise, which adds an additional cold bias to the data. Every factor in the equation should cause the NCDC adjustments to warm the past, rather…

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