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Discussion of Field Theories With Claes — A.D. 2012/01/09

There is a remarkable conversation between Claes and myself and a couple of others, which began on 1 January and continued until this morning.

I offer this post in case anyone would like to continue discussing the issues raised there over here.

The four posts where the discussion may be found are (in chronological order):

Please note, for the record, I do not subscribe to Claes’ opinion that Laplace’s equation is appropriately thought of as “God’s equation”, as he expresses in one of the titles of these posts. I believe Laplace’s equation is false, and I also believe that any equation which is true is creditable to God, which would qualify it as one of His equations.

But that was not the main point of the conversation. The main point was about field theories, including one which I came up with, in considering some of Claes’ past work, and posted on the second one of the four posts. Discussion ensued, with Claes posting some counter-arguments which I believe I successfully refuted. It’s not yet clear to me where Claes presently stands on the matter. Hopefully that can be determined soon.


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